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[audio]Joe & Lissie Armfield Wycliffe Missionaries
Joe & Lissie describe their ministry with Wycliffe Bible Translators.
Keywords: wycliffe; bible translation
Downloads: 28
[audio]Missionary Report - Tim and Chris Gilmore
Wycliff Bible Translators, Tim and Chris Gilmore, relate their experiences in translating the Bible and reaching out to the Tanzania people of east Africa.
Keywords: Bible translation; missionary work
Downloads: 54
[audio]The History And Impact Of The King James Bible - Philip Stine
Lecture by Dr. Philip Stine in the Manifold Greatness series in honor of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible translation. Bio: in 1968, Philip Stine joined the translation program of the United Bible Societies (UBS) where he served in various capacities for nearly 30 years, first as a translation consultant in Africa and later as the global coordinator of translation work and related research...
Keywords: Philip Stine; Bible translation; King James Bible; KJV; Bible
Downloads: 7
[unknown]Wiki - LOLCat Bible Translation Project
LOLCat Bible Translation Project dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; LOLCat Bible Translation Project; lolcatbiblecom
Downloads: 59
[audio]Lost In Translation: The Challenge Of Translating The Bible - Robert Alter
Robert Alter, literary critic and Hebrew Bible translator, discusses the inherent difficulties in rendering ancient Hebrew prose and poetry for modern English speakers, in a lecture delivered at Villanova University. 
Keywords: Robert Alter; Hebrew Bible; Bible; Translation; Bible Translation
Downloads: 3
[audio]Lecture 1 - John Wycliffe and the Family of God - Doug Bond - The Bible Presbyterian Church of Olympia
Lecture 1 - John Wycliffe and the Family of God - Doug Bond
Keywords: sermon; bible; presbyterian; reformed; Doug Bond; John Wycliffe; history; family of God; bible translation
Downloads: 34
[audio]2014 12 29 Sermon - New Heights Chapel - Frank Couch
New Heights Chapel Weekly Message, Frank Couch December 29th, 2013This week is about Expecting God's Voice and is brought to you by Frank Couch, A Pastor at New Heights Chapel of Murfreesboro TN and VP of Translation Development at Thomas Nelson Publishing. Frank Couch is also noted for being Editor of The Bible Translation - THE VOICE - This message was recorded on December 29th, 2013 at New Heights Chapel, Murfreesboro, TN. 
Keywords: new heights chapel; murfreesboro; tn; tennessee; frank couch; expecting god's voice; The VOICE Bible Translation
Downloads: 19
[audio]Thoughts on Bible Translations - Zach and Ariah
Zach and Ariah discuss Bible translation and what Bible they think you should be reading.
Keywords: bible; bible_translation; christian; christianity; church; feminism; gender; god; jesus; niv; the_message; tniv
Downloads: 410
[texts]Goths and Old-German Presence on Territory of Present Day Bulgaria
Authors and Editors: Rosen Milev et al. BalkanMedia Print, Sofia, 2003, (24) 118 pp.
Keywords: Goths and Bulgarian Ethnogenesis; Wulfila and Bible Translation (Gothic); Goths in Novae - Sadovo - Philippopolis
Downloads: 99
[texts]An Australian Language as spoken by the Awabakal, the people of Awaba or Lake Macquarie (Near Newcastle, New South Wales) being an account of their language, traditions and customs by L.E. Threlkeld: Re-arranged, condensed, and edited, with an appendix - Threlkeld, L. E.

Keywords: awk; Awabakal Detailed Description; Awabakal Grammar; Awabakal Vocabulary; Awabakal Bible Translation
Downloads: 2,215
[texts]Goths and Old-German Presence on Territory of Present Day Bulgaria
Authors and Editors: Rosen Milev et al. BalkanMedia Print, Sofia, 2003, (24) 118 pp.
Keywords: Goths and Bulgarian Ethnogenesis; Wulfila and Bible Translation (Gothic); Goths in Novae - Sadovo - Philippopolis
Downloads: 131
[audio]Preface - King James Version
LibriVox recording of the Preface from the King James Version. Read by Sam Stinson. The preface to the KJV Bible is fitting to read, as it reminds contemporary readers of the transitory nature of all Bible translations. The preface is a necessary, though often unread, gift from the translators to readers of the KJV. If you read this preface, or hear it, you will be able to unravel many false teachings associated with the exclusive use of one version...
Keywords: librivox; literature; audiobook; audio book; bible; king james version; preface; bible translation
Downloads: 19,017
[texts]The 1611 Authorized King James Translation of the Bible ... and the Bible - Robin Calamaio
Did you know you have never read the King James Translation? You may think you have ... but you havenât. Why hasnât anyone ever told you this?
Keywords: king james translation; king james bible translation; textus receptus; ex cathedra; new king james bible translation; new king james translation; textual criticism; bible translations from the textus receptus received text; are there errors in the king james translation; what about the textus receptus; pope ex cathedra pronouncements; word of god
Downloads: 436
[texts]La Sacra Bibbia, ossia L'Antico e il Nuovo Testamento bilingual Italian New Testament Diodati Tradotti fedelmente dall' originale in italiano (1860s) - Giovanni Diodati, Diodatti, Jean Diodati
La Sacra Bibbia, ossia L'Antico e il Nuovo Testamento Italian New Testament Tradotti fedelmente dall' originale in italiano The New Testament Bible (bilingual) edition in English and Italian, Translation accomplished before prior to 1880 Giovanni Diodati or Deodati (June 6, 1576 - October 3, 1649), was the first to translate the Bible into Italian from Hebrew and Greek sources. He was a Great Linguist and Italian theologian...
Keywords: Italian New Testament Bible Translation; Early Translation; Textual Criticism; Not Nestle; Textus; bilingual Texts; Cura Wilson; Estienne; La Sacra Bibbia; ossia L'Antico e il Nuovo Testamento. Tradotti fedelmente dall' originale in italiano; 1800s; Accurate Translation
Downloads: 1,134 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Insight: New Testament / Matt Neenan / Raphael Delgado / Sound Advice: Opera
New Testament - Is it time to reconsider the roles of Judas, Mary Magdalene and doubting Thomas during biblical times? The author of a a new translation of the new testament thinks so. Today on Insight, we'll talk about it with Dr. Marvin Meyer, Griset Professor of Bible and Christian Studies and chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Orange County's Chapman University. Matt Neenan - A new work by choreographer Matt Neenan is premiering this weekend at the Sacramento Ballet...
Keywords: KXJZ; Insight; Sacramento public radio; Capital Public Radio; New Testament translation; Marvin Meyer, Griset Professor of Bible and Christian Studies, and chair, Department of Religious Studies, Chapman University; Bible translation reconsiders roles; Matt Neenan, choreographer; Sacramento Ballet performs new work; Raphael Delgado, artist; Evolve The Gallery shows Delgado works; Sound Advice: Opera; Sean Bianco
Downloads: 178
[texts]The Charges Proved by the Connecticut Bible Society - Connecticut Bible Society
The Charges Proved by the Connecticut Bible Society In the 1800s (and earlier), there arose some controversies, concerning the matter of translations of the biblical texts. This is a pamphlet by one of the societies. The subjects often included the text used, the basis for the text chosen, what was the text (manuscript, provenance, etc), what was the basis for Bible Translation, (new testament or old testament), who were the translators, what was the philosophy (theology) or linguistic approach ...
Keywords: Bible Versions; Bible Translations; History of Bible Versions; KJV; KJVO; King James; King James Issues; King James History; Riplinger; Bible Translation issues; Kontroversen in der Bibel Bibel Ubersetzungen; die Probleme mit den Versionen des Neuen Testaments; das Ende der Zeiten Ubersetzungen; grosse nehmen; Bibel Ubersetzung Geschichte; Missionare Ubersetzung; Missionar der Gesellschaft Probleme; Controversias en la Biblia Traducciones biblicas; los problemas con las versiones del Nuevo Testamento; la traduccion final de los tiempos; teniendo una gran distancia; la traduccion de la Biblia la historia; la traduccion de los misioneros; la sociedad misionera problemas
Downloads: 109
[texts]Christianity €“ how to be saved, have eternal life, obtain forgiveness, find God and be a Christ follower [Jesus Christ] - sartre; camus; existential; ximenes; jimenez, diodatti, calvin; luther; catholique; communist; no time; agnostic; atheist; bormann; brotherhood; raptured; universal; fromm; lincoln; jefferson; adams; de gaule; francais; anglais; italien; espagnol; spanien; spanish; spaniard; peron; guavara; castro; lcwe; wcc; cheech; church; rick warren; death resurrction; cross christ; la croix; chretien; crestien; school; escuela; karl marx; radek; lenine; homework; ecole; le reste; bastards; fools 4 christ; jesus christ; cristos; dieu; torrey; tozer; boheme; deos; dios; eglise; zocialisten; wiz; socialisten; barnes; chuck smith; oswald allis; spurgeon; chong; manual; guide; christian socialist; capitalist; skousen; klare; christian; christ follower; chomsky; post industrial; toffler; savage; limbaugh; marx; darwin; matrix; regenerated; delusional; drugs; weeds; 420; fun days; short days; time travel; jesus christ krist; simpsons; kalifa, last chance;
Sure people talk about Salvation, without defining the term. What is salvation ? Is there a short guide that can tell me ? what is Eternal life ? How can someone find or obtain or ask for eternal life ? How does someone become a christian ? Does conversion involve some external ritual, or is it an action od the will, a conscious intention ,and asking God to save you ? Do I have to repent ? What would I repent from ? How does God pay any penalty for the sins I have committed ? How can I be sure t...
Keywords: Eternal life; how to be saved; engagement personel; born again; reborn; rebirth; virgin birth; Jesus Christ; Krist; ixoye; Christos; xristos; kristus; eternity; salvation works; sanctification works; pupose driven; spiritual truth; spirituality; acim; biblical truth; biblicist; zeolla; textus; third heaven; spiritual delusion; seminary; seminaire; pastor; mark marc beast; shepherd; shepherding; vie eternel; vida; nouveau testament; ancient testament; feminism; skeptic; atheism; atheist; agnostic; christianity; jesus; jesu; yesu; isa; issa; iesus; pas l'eglise; symbolic currency; earring slavery; esclave; esclavage; afrique; arabie seoudite; seven sisters; oil nations; pour contre; post; apres; fin monde; end times; seven years; falling away; cainites adl; cain abel; occult theocracy; novo seclorum; rosicrucian; babylone; predication; pasteurs; desert; la ley; istoria; charles lea; adopted; manifested sons; conspiracy; conspiration; apostate; blasphemy; john locke; karl marx; sang greal; royal; survive; dissertation; love kindness; gentleness; psaumes; end of days; end times; prophetic; annointing; usar; these; honorable discharge; military; dilema; quandary; corruption; good bad; judges; magistrate; lieber; verbo; grammar; dictionaire; erasmo; 616; sovereignty; no citizen here; orphan; foster homes; emancipated; learn study skills; resenment; sins burden; fardeaux; chauvin; annointing; life purpose; diodatti; bon dieu; le seigneur; dilema; registration; court procedure; option; choices; thinking; intellectual; craigslist; wikipedia; college; wikipaedia; france; eurasia; eurasian; table of nations; alpha beta; nimrod; zeus; iapetos; jupiter; javan; ionian; nations tribes; chine; anglais; religieus; alpha omega; genesis ten 10; koine greek; ancient greek; vetus itala; ghostly guild; scholarship; council; foreign truth; post millenial; personal relations; romans; tischendorf; textual criticism; estate of god; city of god; 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015; 2050; 1688; christian links; telecharger; gratuis; gratis; predestination; no monopoly; 2020; private property; libertarian; liberalism; allegory; university studies; allegoric; patria; loco parentis; nunca mas; dictatorship; inquisition; emancipation; slavery; civil rights; turque; grec ancient; latina; global 2000; discovery; alice wonderland; carter bailey: karma cola; sanscrit; banned; free speech; true islam; islem; six six six; bill bright; mears; counterfeit; details; spurgeon; scofield; cyrus; scoffield; gary north; reconstruction; rushdoony; armenian christian; turkish; personal growth: spiritual dimentilatter on; younggi cho; bible societies; society; ohne; versions; editions; geneva; de beze; rick warren; roman catholic; universal; universel; universalism; undo curses; generational curses; wizard truth; video dvd; games; possession; demon; keine; demonic; demoniaque: deliverance; beautiful evil; bible translation; traducteur; open door; dhimmi; translate; transliteration; elect; paraphrase; westcott; hort; nida; muslem; muslim; mahdi; mahhdi; religious persecution; human rights; constitutional; thomas jefferson: john adams; founding fathers; mp3; christian nation; xian; mahadi; christian how to: mechanism salvation; ipad; ipod; baptizo; baptiso; rapturo; rapture; snatched away: daniel revelation: ezekiel daniel; baptism; ezechiel; bibbia; biblia; 144; twelve thousand; freedom; liberty; alex; jones; alexandrian; egyptian copies; hug; alzog; europa; european union; wickedness; sea glass; repentance; regret; remorse; young death; baby; pregnancy; emotional; too late; scorpions pitt; left behind; matrix; mind; programming; programme; main morte; anglo; saxon; norman; goat ramm; foundation; sacred name; yeshua; trimm; rood; hrm; hebrew roots; devil; satan; lost at sea; lucifer false; morning star; ritual deliverance; holy water; sacred veil; sacre; nouvel age; rammeau; mary magdalene; church; ecclesia; connection God; ekklesia; conversion; converting; precription; recipe; agape love; lewis tolkien; hobbit; frodo; bilbo; fellowship of the ring; two towers; millenial; return of the king; your life; personal biography; harry potter; dreams visions; la; interpretation; omen; judy blume; goosebumps; teenager; wasteland; apocalypse; revelation; saint john; saint jean; abraham; abram; gospel; evangelile; evangelique; liberte presse; la prensa; liberte parole; jasher; young illusion; disobedience; 9 inch; registrant; registration; opting out; personal confession; belief; unbelief; verite; ucid dream; santana; satanas; theophostic; summer akkad; sitchin; tom horn; babylon; acid dreams; dreams; visions; rowling; legacy; mortmein; love of God; early christians; clement; east; music: musiciens; christmas easter; rayer; prier; prior; superman; wronski; title deed soul land; priory prieure; baigent; holy blood holy grail; sion; lifer; david clarence; natural disaster; tolerance; toleration; legal or lawful; friends; friendly; amity; amitier; law training; attorn; allodial; unforgiven; sativa; cannibis; marijuana; mary jane; purple haze; rouche; europe banks; death murder; flood noah; prescription pill; banquiers; volunteer minstry; call of god; six hundred; personal testimony; will of god; ten 10 commandments; mel blanc; eternal security; amour de dieu; no waive rights; horoscope; futre predictions; alcoholism; addiction; earthquake; rejected; piano training; death blues; grim reaper: city london; maximum; five 5 nations; good person; feel bad; true life; not malthusian; confederacy; tatoo; 420; amharic; ink how; denarius; denare; dinar; queen elizabeth; real; reality; puritain; puritan; pilgrim; name jesus; namen; court conference; affidavit; sixty six; despondent; example; faith God; volcano; feeings; stargate gods; global universal history; internationalist; census training; field manual; canonization; unpopular; ascended; gibson; christopher; hitchens; columbus; lincoln; hebreu; quo vadis; pontifex; iranien; despair; litterature; roots; farsi; halassi- alcoholic; histoire; third temple; dome rock; federal reserve note; communication skills; unhappy; seeking; none dare call; eternal condition; questions answers; dates bible; ecole; occult lady; BC BCE; anno domini; ancient inn; logan; censored speech; eveque; archon; spiritual condition; starvation; famine; kartel; cartel; spiritualism; ethiopie; occultism; occultist; wicca; witchcraft; lost tribes; 1984; incubus; curses; blessings; comment apprendre; positive attitude; sin nature; manual; guild; guide; school; instruction; not pelagian; octavian; grandparents; unconditional love; youtube; sucubus; man sin salvation; perdition; new messiah; le messie; israelite; christianismo; christianisme; rastafari; gramaire; sons men; prophecy; langue; emergent; mystical; mysticism; twilight; vampire; shape shifter; mib men black; prophetic; annointing; christed: righteous; grammaire; unrighteous; convict; prisoner; prisonner; prisonier; convicted; exonorated; bankrupt; estate berth; authentic; no rights; real; fake history; generation; before death; after death; griving; abortion; avortement; help me god; peace mind; peacefull; strength
Downloads: 1,274 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(5 reviews)
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